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We get to know the finer points of your organization’s needs and goals, then conceive of and implement new business models and initiatives that help you meet them at digital speeds. Using our collective experience in digital transformation consulting, we design intuitive and attractive interfaces that streamline the customer’s experience of your brand. We also leverage those same interfaces to increase productivity and efficiency within your own operations. To just retrofit a traditional business model for a whole new era isn’t enough: today’s companies need a full-on digital transformation


Digital technology and strategy are disrupting businesses, wreaking havoc on well-established business models and shifting entire industries. NTF’s digital consulting practice helps senior executives anticipate and adapt to these trends — accelerating growth and transforming their brands and businesses for success in the digital world.

Digital should now infiltrate from every aspect of your business, not just the ones that face customers directly. Employees are more efficient when empowered with dashboards and software that surface actionable insights specific to their role and responsibilities. The same principles that enable great customer experiences can be applied to internal processes and tools. We help businesses move forward with their business objectives by optimizing their operations through digital transformation.

Our strategy process questions your business, your market, your audience and your data. We’re channel-agnostic; we design our recommendations around the needs, limits and opportunities of the business, employing a variation of frameworks and performance models to differentiate you from the competition and achieve your ambitions.

Our ultimate objective is to help clients unlock new drivers of growth and competitive advantage in the digital world.



We provide businesses with powerful dashboards that put meaningful insights and information in the hands of decision makers in real time.


We develop websites and mobile apps for every technological platform of today, as well as the devices of tomorrow.


We’re experts in bleeding-edge technology and we’re dedicated to unlocking the potential of these technologies for our clients.


We visualize the right data at the right time so that businesses can make better decisions.

The NTF Group has its own in-house capability in terms of online survey development. We have developed in-house several web applications for use in online research, including an online focus group bulletin board, and online survey software with the capability to conduct complex choice modelling studies online.

The NTF Group works with clients to optimally acquire and utilise customer insights and associated data more efficiently and effectively. This means: generating deep qualitative insights, implementing sophisticated quantitative research designs, integrating and interpreting both quantitative research and internal data (e.g. activity costs or other operational data, customer records, transaction and call centre data, etc) and executing predictive, classification, network mapping and optimisation modelling.


When packaged software doesn't exist for your business need, we create powerful custom applications that are tailored to your specific requirements.