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Advanced Analytics Techniques

There is no one analytical technique or approach, which NTF uses to facilitate improvements. Our solutions are proprietary, sophisticated and made to fit your specific requirements.

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Digital Strategy & Transformation

We're at the forefront of the digital transformation that is disrupting the business world and can help your business stay ahead of these ever changing environments and technologies.

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Creative Qualitative Research

NTF is where the art and science of human behaviour change comfortably and seamlessly co-exist. We blend leading market research insights with cutting edge analytic techniques.

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Optimisation & Transformation

Optimisation and transformation insights and solution might be derived from sophisticated analytic models, but they will resonate from a human perspective and enable behavioural change.

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All of the NTF Group's products and services are aimed at turning data into dollars.

NTF has a very strong commitment to innovation. NTF’s innovation includes: algorithmic development and application; embedded analytics (development of robust analytic algorithms embedded in devices performing real time applications); benefits evaluation frameworks and methodologies (measurement, modelling and realisation of most impactful benefits), simulation and latent class to understand drivers of behaviour and attitude.

NTF helps clients acquire, interpret and use customer data and insights more effectively than their competitors, for maximum benefit. NTF is different in that it uses qualitative insights and advanced mathematical modelling of data to find solutions for clients.

Businesses are drowning in data… a river of data that is big and noisy and hard to navigate, with many currents. The more complex the environment, the harder it can be to see the stories in the data. But data is only useful to us when it tells us stories about customers. Big data and small data must work together to help organizations create competitive advantage through innovation.

A combination of methods is used in each project that NTF handles, over multiple phases, to help the internal team bring data to life, generate fresh concepts, and refine the concepts.

Nuggets of insight bring stories to data that can power customer-focused innovation. It’s an iterative process, where data provides context for qualitative insights, and then insights become context for interpreting data. This is the power of de-averaging the customer. When managers become immersed in the stories of individual customers, they can see new ways to navigate complex environments.

To do this, NTF generates qualitative insights, implements sophisticated quantitative research designs, integrates and interprets both quantitative research and internal data (e.g. activity costs or other operational data, customer records, etc) and executes predictive, classification, visualisation and optimisation modelling. These activities support the delivery of recommended actions appropriate to the client’s circumstances.

There is no one analytical technique, research or analysis approach we stick to, we very much 'tailor' our solutions to best meet our clients' business needs.

We don’t have everything we do listed on this website but if you’d like to learn more about our services we have broadly categorised them into the following 4 genres with just some of the major customers we have used them for: