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The NTF Group is made up of experienced marketing consultants, data and social scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians. The NTF staff are the best in their chosen field, and each staff member adds their own level of experience and knowledge to make NTF world leaders in the area of market research and predictive marketing.

Extensive marketing and statistical research with many of Australia's top 100 companies and various global companies has enabled the NTF Group to gain experience in a variety of fields, including the utility market, finance and banking, infrastructure, communications and fast moving consumables.

Members of the NTF Group are renowned for their contributions to economic and business studies within Australia and internationally.

We all work very closely together and on nearly all of our projects, each one of our team members contributes in some way or another to the final output.

Greg Taylor - Consultative Services Director

Greg Taylor is The NTF Group’s Consultative Services Director and is responsible for fulfilling our objective of providing management support at a strategic level.

Greg has considerable experience in developing marketing programs that maximise return on campaigns for a wide range of service companies. His specific area of expertise is in dealing with all levels of corporate business managers and business owners. As a former partner in a financial market research consultancy, FMR, he gained a great deal of experience in researching banking, accounting, taxation, superannuation and investment practices of clients across the entire business spectrum. He has done analysis to support mergers and acquisitions and public floats. For example he worked on the float of QR National and also the Qantas float. He has worked closely with electricity retailers and with infrastructure owners and managers such as Yarra Valley Water, Citipower, Origin Energy.

Joan Nelson - Qualitative Research Director

Joan Nelson is The NTF Group’s Qualitative Research Director and co-founder. She is a highly experienced qualitative researcher, member of the AMSRS, and the American association of qualitative research consultants (QRCA). She was previously NSW General Manager of a national research company and was responsible for introducing choice modelling to the NTF Group based on qualitative identification of the factors on which decisions are made. She has special interests in Benefits Realisation in eHealth, social policy research, infrastructure, and the use of choice modelling techniques in a social context.

Joan has a demonstrated ability to be effective in evaluation in major, large scale, complex and high risk projects within large, complex and distributed service delivery organisations, particularly within an IM/ICT project environment.

The projects she specialises in use her qualitative skills, particularly in the areas of interviewing, observation and ethnographic research, together with her understanding of and interest in data modelling.

Keith Lindner – Chief Operating Officer

Keith Lindner manages research and analytics projects for clients throughout Australia, Asia, and the United States as well as directing the planning, design, production and management of software development projects.

Keith is responsible regularly communicating project expectations to team members and stakeholders and to use their feedback to optimize progress. Keith leads project teams consisting of programmers, designers, database engineers and research consultants in the delivery of client requirements from inception to completion.

Tony Corke - Head of Modelling & Analytics

Tony Corke is The NTF Group’s Head of Modelling & Analytics. He is responsible for the design and development of mathematical models and techniques in order to provide The NTF Group with the ability to predict customer behaviour to the highest degree of accuracy. Tony won the university medal in Economics at Sydney University, his thesis being in the area of Bayesian mathematics. He has worked with NTF for 15 years and prior to that NTF worked for him when he was CIO at Commonwealth Bank.

He has developed over the last decade a rich repertoire of adaptive experimental design (to deliberately oversample into parts of the design space exhibiting greatest model uncertainty) and model estimation based on robust AI methodologies.

Our daily experience with these methodologies gives us great comfort in their ability to identify non-linearities and complex interaction effects without 'overfitting' the data.

Senior Consultants and Analysts

The NTF Group’s Senior Consultant and Analysts are responsible for interacting with clients, help manage projects, implement and manage required research, liaise with the research facilities and to manage analytic processes.

Analysts have overall responsibility for data preparation, quality of data and pre-analysis. They must ensure that all data manipulations and aggregations are quality controlled.

Software Development Team

The NTF Group employs an in-house team of highly qualified software engineers and has many more resources available through our national and international partnerships.

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