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NTF’s consulting team have extensive experience in working closely with organisations to optimise and transform their business operations for a specific area or the entirety of the business.

Today’s complex business environment requires rapid response to ever-changing requirements and financial constraints. However, fragmented, sub-optimized and non-integrated processes can drain a business’ productivity and diminish their responsiveness to changing markets, customers, and partners.

It is crucial to manage internal employee processes and workflows so that day-to-day activities are efficient and productive, and that the data needed to succeed is available and accessible. At the same time, optimising and transforming a business or business function can only be done successfully if reviewed from the customer’s perspective and ensuring the people, processes and technology are all aligned to deliver value to the customer.

Our approach is based on a proven process which allows us to collect both qualitative and quantitative information whilst working closely with key stakeholders to design a solution appropriate to the organisation’s requirements.

Business processes are fundamental to every company’s operational performance. Having the proper technology in place can help bring success, but having optimised business processes and practices are what delivers true value. Recognising which processes need fine-tuning or wholesale change requires understanding the current performance level of a process, identifying where it should be, and then establishing a path for achieving the desired, optimised outcome.

NTF’s business optimisation solutions help you gain a competitive advantage. Our performance and data-driven solutions align all business processes and practices within a vision of constant improvement, enhanced productivity, reduced cost, greater efficiency, increased speed and agility, technical integration, and improved customer satisfaction. Our unique combination of expertise and custom software development will ensure that your business reaches maximum profitability and improved customer service levels.

Our services are focused on:

Business Process Analysis

We engage with your people in a comprehensive gap analysis to determine which business requirements are being met by current processes, and which are not. The results are discussed with your stakeholders and prioritised based on the investment of time, capital, and human resources it will require to optimise the business processes.

Professional Development

We deconstruct each business process into individual activities and leverage existing people and supporting technologies to minimise unproductive activities resulting in an optimal business process. These efforts result in significant increases in operational efficiencies and productivity, and are often the prerequisite to other key initiatives, such as technology evaluation, selection, and implementation.